Colorado Gun Law Debate Takes Unexpected Turn

The debate surrounding guns laws in Colorado has been getting uglier by the day, with opponents taking increasingly bitter jabs at state Rep. Rhonda Fields, an Aurora Democrat and the sponsor of two firearms measures. Those against the bills took to social media this time to voice their outrage and disapproval of the bill, attacking Fields for what many are calling an attempt to remove state citizens’ rights to hold certain kinds of firearms, among other gun laws.

rhonda fields

A Facebook post targeting Fields was created by a group called Guns for Everyone, depicting Fields in an Aurora Police Department mug shot from 1991 following an arrest for shoplifting. The photo is captioned “Criminals will Obey the Laws I introduce in Colorado.”

The image was also posted on the Facebook page of an Erie-based ammunition magazine and firearm accessories manufacturer called Magpul, which has been a vocal opponent of Fields’ House Bill 1224, which seeks to ban ammunition magazines of over 15 rounds. Although company officials removed the photo, Magpul officials noted that their Facebook page is public and anyone can post images or comments on it.

Fields admitted back in 2010, when she was running for state representative, that she had been arrested in 1976 on a larceny charge and in 1991 for shoplifting.

“It’s a very embarrassing dark, desperate time in my life. I disclosed it when I decided to run, but it’s something I don’t like to talk about,” said Fields of the arrests in 2010. “It’s something I’m not proud of. It happened over 20 years ago. I had to leave a husband who was addicted to drugs. I stole food to feed my kids. I’m so glad I’m not the woman I was back then.”

However, it’s not her criminal past that has come back to haunt her as much as her fight against firearms. Since introducing House Bill 1224 and House Bill 1229, which would require universal background checks on all gun sales, Fields has become a target of harassment, including racial slurs and threats.

Unfortunately for opponents, it seems as though gun controls will be approved statewide. Colorado state Senators passed five gun control measures on Monday, March 11, sending three of them to the governor’s desk and two to the House for consideration. One of those was the controversial House Bill 1224. House Bill 1229 was also approved by the state House and is now awaiting approval by Governor Hickenlooper, who expected to sign the bill into law.

Many believe gun control laws are helpful and promote safety, while others believe it takes away from their constitutional rights. Those against gun control laws argue that law abiding citizens will be stripped of their ability to protect themselves and loves ones, while those who disregard laws in the first place will still have access to restricted firearms.

No matter what side of the debate you are on, it is important to know what your rights are and ensure you protect them. There have been many times in which innocent people have been arrested for violating gun laws but the lines that were crossed haven’t always been perfectly defined. Firearms can serve as a form of protection for many Colorado residents, but sometimes, gun owners have been wrongfully accused of violating state laws. If you or someone you love was accused of a firearm violation, turn to Boulder criminal defense attorney Bruce Sarbaugh today to file a case and protect your rights.

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